Issues Carrie Supports


Job Creation

By developing a strong business climate and an educated workforce we will attract new companies and allow existing business to grow here in Aitkin and Crow Wing Counties. Central Lakes College and the Bridges Academy are a great example of business and education working together for success.

Pro Life

We need to protect human life from conception until natural death. I believe that each individual is "endowed by their creator" with the right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness," as stated so aptly by our nation's founders. Unless the fundamental right to life is first secured, all other rights are meaningless.

Military Veterans

Standing up for veterans is something my family has instilled in me, and I am proud and honored to do so. My parents were both WWII veterans. My dad served in the Army with Patton. My mom in the Red Cross in the European theater. My husband served in the Air Force. My brother is a retired Army Colonel.


Tourism accounts for over 10% of all jobs in our state. We need to make sure the State of Minnesota continues to understand how vital this is to our economy. I support Explore Minnesota and the Minnesota Tourism Council and their accomplishments in our state.

Environment and Natural Resources

With 300+ lakes and well over 100 miles of the Mighty Mississippi in Senate District 10, making sure we take good care of our environment is essential. Agriculture, hunting and fishing are vitally important to our economy.


As chair of the Legislative Permanent School Fund Commission (school trust lands) we advise the DNR on the fiduciary responsibility and management of the lands held in trust for the school children of Minnesota. The corpus of the trust is over 1 billion dollars and last year provided every student in Minnesota $28.00 for their schools to use as they choose.